What does Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment Involve?

Phase 1 treatment usually begins between the ages of 6 and 10, and is recommended when there’s a moderate or severe orthodontic problem that should not wait until all permanent teeth emerge. Issues such as significant overcrowding, severe crossbites, and other problems can be addressed effectively during this phase.

At Key City Kids Orthodontics, our Phase 1 treatment may involve the use of partial braces, expanders, or other appliances that guide the growth and development of your child’s jaw and alleviate problems related to tooth eruption, alignment, and spacing.

Benefits of Phase 1 Treatment

The primary goal of Phase 1 treatment is to guide the jaw’s growth pattern, correct the bite early on, and make space for the permanent teeth to erupt properly. This early intervention often prevents more severe problems in the future.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Guiding jaw growth to accommodate future permanent teeth
  • Correcting harmful oral habits
  • Improving appearance and self-esteem
  • Potentially simplifying and shortening Phase 2 treatment

The Resting Period

Once the goals of Phase 1 treatment are achieved, your child will enter a resting phase. During this time, the remaining primary teeth are allowed to fall out naturally, and the permanent teeth are given space to emerge. Regular check-ups will be scheduled to monitor this development.

Transitioning to Phase 2 Treatment

Phase 2 treatment usually begins once most or all of the permanent teeth have erupted, typically around the ages of 11-13. This phase involves full braces or aligners and is designed to move the permanent teeth into their final positions, resulting in a balanced facial appearance and a healthy, functional bite.

At Key City Kids Orthodontics, our aim is to provide comprehensive care that sets the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles. We’re dedicated to guiding you and your child through every stage of orthodontic treatment with compassion, understanding, and the utmost professionalism.

If you have any further questions about Phase 1 treatment or if you’re wondering if your child may be a candidate, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’re here to help you make informed decisions about your child’s orthodontic care.

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